RDU Sports!

Welcome to the RDU Sports Page.  Here we will talk about the sports that make this area go round.  The Triangle is sports crazy.  We have everything from ice hockey!, to lacrosse, baseball, and of course… college basketball.  Around here, college ball is religion.  Your either a Carolina fan, a Duke fan, there are a few NC State fan, but they are a tiny minority, and if you’re not a fan of one of those three, then you don’t live in RDU.

But there is more to RDU Sports than just college basketball.  And that’s where we’ll start.  The first sports team we’re going to cover is:

The Durham Bulls:  The lovable Durham Bulls are a minor league baseball team that is currently affiliated with the major league team the Tampa Bay Rays.   The Bulls have been in operation, in one form or another, since 1902.  Way back in 1902, they started out as The Tobacconists.  This is because at one point back then Durham was the capitol of the world for tobacco.

Times have changed and so have The Tobacconists.  The Tobacconists were renamed The Bulls in 1912.  The area of downtown Durham where the former Tobacconists once played is now call The American Tobacco District.  While The Bulls still play in downtown Durham in the American Tobacco District, they entire district is now “tobacco free”, meaning no smoking of the brown frown anywhere in district.

Times have changed.

And so have The Durham Bulls.  The Durham Bulls are one of the most popular minor league baseball teams in the country.  Following a Hollywood movie made about the team, Bull Durham, in 1988, the team built a new stadium just 4 years later.  The new modern stadium is family friendly and has all the amenities one would expect to find in a major league ballpark.

The crowds keep getting larger.  Families love to congregate at the DBAP (Durham Bulls Athletic Park).  And the downtown area surrounding the park had enjoyed and economic expansion with large buildings, shopping, and eating centers popping up everywhere.