Guttenbergorganicfarms: The Best of Raleigh Durham, NC

The Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina is the place to be.  The area is ideally located midway between the mountains to the west and the beaches to the east.  The Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, also known as the Research Triangle is a hub of educational activity, due to the close proximity of major universities.

Raleigh is home to North Carolina State University, Durham is home to Duke University, and Chapel Hill is home to the University of North Carolina.  The universities complement the thriving economic scene.  Many students remain in the area after graduation and seek employment among the vast array of business is that inhabit this region.

The ideal mix of quality education, jobs, and reasonable cost-of-living make the Raleigh Durham area one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the last 20 years.