Raleigh Durham Locals get severe weather

A severe winter storm has hit the Raleigh Durham area dropping ice, freezing rain, sleet, and snow.  This is unusual but not unheard of weather for the area.

RDU usually enjoys a mild winter season.  This is the South after-all.  We’re known for our hot summers, not our cold winters.  But occasionally Mother Nature throws a curve-ball and we’ll get a snow or ice storm in the winter.  It usually happens every 5-10 years.

When these storms hit local businesses come to a stand still.  Because we get these storms so rarely, most in the area are unprepared to handle this weather.  We don’t have the snow plows to clear the streets.  People don’t know how to drive in the snow and ice.  So most people stay home and wait for the inclement weather to pass.

Because of this many local businesses shut down temporarily.  It makes sense.  Most of the employees can’t make it in to work and most of the customers are in the same situation.  With no customers and no employees in makes sense that most local businesses take a snow day.

It happens so rarely in the Raleigh Durham area that it doesn’t hurt the businesses much.

So go out there and enjoy the snow!